Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eat Ben eat!!

Come on now!  I guess Ben just does not have a huge appetite. For a few weeks now he just doesn't want to nurse very much at all. I would not be concerned except that he is not really eating much. he has tried some foods but he doesn't actually "eat" food everyday. He takes his bottles of expressed breastmilk during the day from Dad just fine. But a lot of times before and after work and in the middle of the night he refuses the breast. I really think he would only nurse twice a day if I left it up to him. I actually try to coax him to eat a lot of times throughout the evenings and at night without much luck. Dad thinks he prefers bottles and that he isn't getting much from me. I just don't think that is the case. He is biting me  a lot with his gums. I sort of am ready to stop pumping at work but since we are almost out of frozen milk that would mean adding formula during my work day. That I am not ready to do. Maybe I should start pumping more and let Dad give a bottle at night. I just don't know. Out of all 7 children I have nursed I have never really had one that was "in love" with the process.  I was hoping Ben would be the exception. They all seem like they could take or leave it. Oh well. I'll just keep things going they way they are and see what happens.

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