Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Up since 2:30am.....

OK Ben, we have to talk. I know I was working all day yesterday and the first mama milk you got was around 5:30pm but man mama has to sleep.

I fed Ben and then turned him over to Daddy. Well that lasted an hour. Dad brought him to me and I offered the breast again but I was just done. I got up with Ben (again). I turned the TV on. Ben likes Blue's Clues. He kept trying to nurse so I got him some yogurt. He ate one and a half containers. I offered him some juice but that boy will hardly take liquids out of a bottle. He will drink out of an open cup when he wants. Usually he just pours it out because it is fun but he CAN do it. Well, we were up... I did a load of dishes and played with Ben. These early morning sessions are when I hear him talk the most. It amazes me. I even think he is talking more than Lyn and Eliot did and they were my early talkers. He is talking so loudly right now that I am not sure why everyone is not awake. At least I do not have to work till later today. With some luck I can get a nap.....

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