Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring is here and I am getting ready for baby number 8....

The kids and I hung out at a local part to help celebrate Spring. I cannot believe how big my big kids are. Since weaning Ben in November I have had time to rest and not feel so touched out. I recognize that for me breastfeeding is a wonderful experience but I do like to "own" my boobies again for a while. Ben surprises me though. In the morning when we snuggle he pats my breasts and pokes at some moles (I know tat sounds a bit weird) on my chest but even a week or two past weaning he hasn't really tried to nurse or anything. Now I am looking forward to starting over with a new baby. I know it is a bit coincidental but my girls (new baby is a girl too) haven't had much trouble with latching or beginning nursing. Annika, even with being in the NICU so long and on tube feedings and bottles of breastmilk latched fine when she came home. I don't even stress anymore about latches at the beginning. I know what to do to help a baby learn to latch eventually.... It took Ben 3 months to learn. I think the pump I used with him has lost a lot of its umph. I just found out though that the local WIC office gives new electric Medella pumps to moms who do not use any formula for 4 weeks. I am so signing up for that!!

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