Thursday, May 6, 2010

The bride's room

I attended an EI conference today. I brought my breastpump along for the ride. The conference was at a fairly large church so I was confident that there would be a room available fro me to pump. I was even going to pump in the dreaded bathroom if need be. There were no outlets in the very clean quiet bathroom so I went hunting for another spot. I guess I looked like I was looking for something so someone who worked there asked me if I need something. I told her what I needed and she directed me to someone who could literally unlock doors. I was allowed to pump in The Bride's Room. It was a room where brides who are married at this huge church get ready. It was something out of a movie. There was a 360 mirror in there and plenty of light. Not quite the angle a mom likes to see herself in with bright lights! I set up and was about to pump. Then I realized I had left one of my phalanges at home. I pumped on one side and then the other. It took twice as long and since I was in a new place I didn't want to take up the room so I cut the session short. I only pumped about 4 ounces. Everyone was nice though and did not even blink at my request. All in all a good day!

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