Thursday, May 20, 2010

Come on Ben...

Ben is just not wanting to nurse very much right now. Maybe I am just paying too much attention to all of this. His weight is good. (He doesn't quite have enough room for another chin!) He is happy. I just have so much milk I don't know what to do. It is like when my milk came in. I don't want to pump more because then I will just make more. Yesterday i met Dad with Ben for lunch. Ben ate pretty good but he only emptied one and half breasts. That is half more than he usually does. I guess I sort of force fed him hopping he would give me some relief. No such luck. I refused to pump when I got back to work because I didn't want to keep this over abundance cycle up. Since my pump was clean I left it at work. When I got home Ben was asleep. This is too much. He nursed some before bed and a little at night. I am going to pump today a little early just to get some relief. I guess this is all better than not having enough milk. Now, in two months when he has another growth spurt I will be singing a different tune!

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