Sunday, June 27, 2010

To nurse in public today or not...

All of the big kids are with someone else today. Dad wanted to go out for breakfast for pancakes so that is what we did. If you knew him you would know it is rare that he requests outings. Evan, Eliot, Ben, dad and I headed for IHOP. I was prepared  to feed Ben if needed during breakfast. Ben got a lot of attention form the waitresses. He is pretty cute if I say so myself. He started to get fussy and everyone was about done at that time. I was about to feed him there in the restaurant but I decided to wait. I felt like I should make a stand and nurse in public to support the 'cause" but I did not feel totally comfortable in that setting. I left Dad with the other kids and paid the check on my way out to feed Ben in the car. All of the waitresses came running to say bye to the cutest baby in the room. I had mentioned to the hostess that took my money that I was going out to feed the baby she spoke up to the other staff and said good naturedly, "let her go, she is going to feed the baby." In the end I did not feed Ben in public but I didn't  hide the fact that I was a nursing mom. In the end everyone was happy. I got to eat, Ben got to eat and all the ladies that work at IHOP got to fawn all over Ben!

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