Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Food time?

Ben was 6 months old on the 18th of this month. He is starting to show some interest in food. He watches my spoon or fork as it goes from my mouth to my plate. He has reached for my food several times. And everything is going in the mouth. He is gnawing on everything.  Dad informed me yesterday that my freezer stash is running out. I probably only have enough milk to last out the week. I pump everyday but Ben is drinking and sometimes wasting about 4 ounces more than I pump. I either need to add more pumping sessions to my routine or come up with some other solution. I do not want to add formula into the mix. I have my bananas, rice, and avocados ready to offer him. I think we will start with the bananas tonight. I want to see him in action trying to eat before I turn that job over to Dad during the day. I don't want to use a lot or any processed foods. I think I will stay away from the baby cereals right now. All of their "fortified" nutrients can be found in real food if you pick the right foods. Besides, breastmilk is and still will be his main nutrition. Food right now is just extra for practice. I do hope to use food as a bit of a staller for Dad till I get home. I want Ben to nurse more at night but he is all about sleeping instead of eating at night right now. I usually feed him around 4:30 am or 5:00am. He just doesn't want to eat right before I go to work anymore. If I could only reason with the little man. I'll let you know how eating food goes tonight!

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