Thursday, June 14, 2012

Elaina's latch

The honeymoon is over... Elaina is still in her sleepy newborn stage. But, she is struggling with her latch. Her mouth is so small and her mother is so tired and frustrated. I have been pumping to give myself some relief from pain and to ensure my supply maintains up. I offer Elaina the breast but I am so anxious over the pain and her frustration that I can't relax. I am still having some bouts of afterpains too that are really intense when LO nurses. They aren't as bad when I pump. I am keeping up with Elaina just fine with the amount of milk I produce but using a manual pump has taken a toll on my wrists. I have arthritis and my right hand is just about frozen. My mother is so supportive. She knew all I needed to use my old electric pump was replacement tubing. She headed to the nearest store that sells them 10 miles away and bought them for me. I am getting ready to use them tonight. I hope my pump can hold up till I get a new one. I got this one when I had Evan nearly 6 years ago. The hospital he was born at provided them free to breastfeeding moms. Hospitals don't do that anymore.

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