Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two and a half weeks

My baby is growing. I am pumping and it has been abput two days since I tried Elaina at the breast. I am getting a bit gun shy. She is taking the new Platex nipples well. They simulate a latch bwtter than the tiny fast flow nipples I was using. We go to see our new pediatrician tomorrow. I can only guess what little girl weighs. She is fitting into the cloth diaper covers better so I know she is bigger. She still spits up a lot but I am not worried. I know I am pumping a lot more than she needs because there are 6 bottles in the fridge with 3 ounces or more in them. Sometimes she will take 3 ounces but usually she only has about 2. I almost want to get upset when there is milk left over in the bottles or she spits up a lot and wastes my milk. And yesterday while I was at work Dad forgot about the bottle I had ready for her so he gave her one amd a half new ones. Of course she spit that much milk up and the one I set out was wasted. I only pump 4 and sometimes 5 times a day and have extra milk. I pump about 20 to 40 minutes. I really need to limit it to 20 minutes so I don't go overboard and get an uncomfortable amount of oversupply. I haven't started to freeze any milk yet. I almost get sad to know I am killing some of the live properties in the milk when it is frozen and thawed. After her appointment tomorrow and after next week I am going to try really hard to get her back on the breast. I have to work everyday next week so it will be hard to focus on latching all day if I am not at home. I need to find a local mom who needs fresh milk...

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  1. I worked and worried and stressed myself right out of breast feeding with my first son [now 9]. I tried to pump, but was so stressed that I dried right up within a month. He ended up on soy formula and part of my mothering dream died. I still wonder if the lack of breast milk contributed to his MR and autism, but will never really know.

    It is inspiring to follow your journey and to know that other women struggle too. I am newly pregnant and am determined to breast feed this time around. Thank you for this blog!