Monday, March 1, 2010

6 weeks old

Well, I am off to my 6 week doctor's visit today. Ben is doing great. He is filling out real well and being a baby. He has started being a bit more fussy in the evenings. I would not call it colic right now. He is just coming into his own. At my visit today I plan on having a good long talk with my doctor about birth control. I want something that has no side effects and won't decrease my milk supply. I know what she will say, condoms or vasectomy. Oh well, let's see what she says!!

My appointment went fine. I got a prescription for the mini pill bit I am not sure if I will get it filled. I'll hold off a few months. Barrier methods work fine. My weight loss is going OK too. I gained 42 pounds with Ben. So far today I have lost 28pounds. Not enough to get into pre-pregnancy jeans but enough to feel a little positive about myself.

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