Thursday, March 4, 2010

Up from 10pm till 2am

Ben slept a lot yesterday during the day and the evening. I should have know that would lead to no good! He was up and fussy from 10pm till 2am. I had it under control the first few hours and then I had to trade off to Dad. I was exhausted by the time he fell back asleep good. I slept right through my 2am pumping session. I wasn't too uncomfortable thank goodness. I dd not have time to pump before i left for work so I just totally skipped that session since I pump at 8am at work I just held off till then. I was able to pump about 8 ounces at 8am so all was not lost. I have been only pumping about 3 ounces total at 2am anyway. My goal is to be able to sleep comfortably in any position and not worry about over full breasts being in the way. If and when Ben starts nursing at night that won't be a problem. In the past nights were always fine because my babies would nestle down and nurse all night and keep my breasts fairly empty. I love having my new babies to snuggle with at night. Ben is no exception. He will set off a milk letdown when he brushes up against me in the night. Again, I have never had an issue with milk supply. All I have to do is think of nursing or not nursing and there it is. I only wish my letdowns weren't so painful. It actually feels like lightning radiating from my chest wall to my nipple. It usually slacks off some after my babies turn about 3 months old. It just seems extra strong with Ben. Nights should get a little bit more comfortable. We have been piled up in a full sized bed but as I type this a new king sized bed is being delivered. I actually think I have only slept on a king sized bed two or three times total in my whole life. We will see how tonight goes!

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