Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A decent night's sleep....

Ben had an OK night last night. He was fussy before he went to sleep but he ate during the night and went right back to sleep. I was able to pump at 2am right after he ate so he wasn't fussy and I did not have to wake Dad up to help out with him. Since he is with him all day I like to make sure he gets a decent night's sleep. But then again sometimes I want him up with me all night. Misery sometimes just wants company. This morning he was so sweet though. I had left my pump parts in the sink. Usually I try and wash them at night before I go back to sleep. Last night I just didn't bother. He washed them for me and had them ready to take to work when I got up. Thanks Honey!

During my morning pumping session today I found it interesting that I pumped nearly 9ounces but it was very uneven. One side was only 3 and the other was close to 6. But it was flip flopped from the usual. With all of my kids I have one side that has consistently produced more milk but now it has changed and switched sides. Weird!!

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