Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hands off...

I just bought a PumpEase band to use when I pump. I wasn't so sure I would get my money's worth. I have used it twice now and eventually I think it will be worth what I spent on it. It allows me to pump hands free. At work it is great because I can read or get some work done. If I had a private office I could get a lot of work done. My work friends are accommodating but I don't think they would appreciate me pumping 3 feet away from them. I got really strange looks from everyone at home. They are used to seeing me pump but trying to work on the computer or hold Ben and pump at the same time threw them off a bit. The two year old really gave me some strange looks. I think I'll use it more at work. I thought I would use it in the middle of the night more but I think I'll just be old fashioned and be hands on at that time.

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