Friday, February 26, 2010

Lactation station update

Well, I took about 45 minutes to calm down and then I went to talk to my supervisor about where I pump at work. Turns out that my supervisor and the other supervisor in the building do not have a problem at all with the location where I pump in a storage room. It is individual workers in the building that want access to the room that have the concern. The problem is they are not authorized to access that room so the problem is solved. I can still pump there but some individuals still have a problem with it. The powers that be do not so I am planning to continue with my routine. A comment was even made by these anonymous workers that I may contaminate the food that is stored in that room. Can you believe that? I do believe ignorance is my main enemy here. None of the women that work in my building that had issues with my location for pumping ever breastfed their children. They just don't understand.

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