Sunday, February 21, 2010

Embarrassed to bottle feed?

Some moms feel like a fish out of water if they need or have to breastfeed their infant in public. I have never felt that way before. I am proud to feed my child naturally in public. I am not a big fan of those nursing shawls. I feel they draw more attention to the nursing couple. I am in a new boat now. Ben takes all of his feedings from a bottle and bottle feeding is looked at with some disdain in some settings I am in. I can always pipe up and say it is mama's milk in the bottle but some may not hear me. I did not take Ben to church today. I would have actually been embarrassed to bottle feed him at church. Most moms at the church I visit nurse their babies till they wean themselves and never need to use a bottle. I would have felt out of place giving him a bottle there. I know if I talked to some of the moms I am friends with there they would be supportive and claim to not judge my feeding choices. But I also feel that none of them have ever been in my shoes before. Again I feel like I never fit in anywhere.

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