Monday, February 22, 2010

Four or three times?

Oh, I slept through my 2am pumping last night. I woke up at 4am a little uncomfortable and got ready to pump. Ben started to wake up so I heated up a bottle of breastmilk and changed his diaper. He had wet through his sleeper so I changed him into another one while his bottle of breastmilk was heating. While I was feeding him I went to wake up Dad so I could pump. He fed him the rest of his bottle. I only pumped enough to be comfortable (about 3 ounces total). Ben went and spit up on his clean sleeper. I took it off of him and decided to just hold him for a while with just a diaper on. Dad went and finished washing my pump parts as we snuggled back down to sleep. Holding Ben in just his diaper skin to skin was such a bonding moment.

Well, I did not pump a lot at this time. Should I try to cut back to just three pumping sessions a day? If I spaced them out that would be every 8 hours. I can't seem to find the best times where I would not be asleep or driving to and from work. Every 6 hours works best. Eight and two eight and two work really well except I keep sleeping through the 2am pumping. Some nights Ben sleeps a good 6 hours at a time. He used to be my alarm clock but now he is a sleepy head. I am not sure if my supply with diminish if I cut back or if I will still be able to keep up. There is only one way to try. Maybe I'll just play it by ear and sleep when Ben sleeps and pump when he wakes. No sense wasting a quiet night.

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