Thursday, February 25, 2010

You want me to pump where?

Well, I just received a blow from my supervisor I wasn't expecting. I have been pumping at work in the only room available to me that has a lock. It is a storage room. I informed all that had a key to it that I would be pumping in there twice a day and that if they needed anything out of there around the time I usually pump to let me know so I could be accommodating. I have just been told that I have been inconveniencing others with my pumping so now I have to pump in a room that is used for therapy by numerous other people throughout the day. This room does not have a lock and it has a one way mirror into an observation room. Anyone can be in that observation room and catch a glimpse. I am not a modest person. Seriously I am sure no one wants to see what I have to offer right now. But it will be embarrassing for parents that go into that observation room to observe their children and have to see me pumping too. The observation room is shared by the therapy room and a classroom. I am disappointed and angry. I may start to explore options to pump in my car now.

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